Gramshree, Ahmedabad: Empowering Low-income Women Artisans

Case Solution

Sonal Purohit, Seema Gupta
Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad ()

This case presents the hybrid business model of a Gramshree social enterprise. Provides a full description of an actual decision-making situation by the Board of Trustees regarding the selection of Gramshree’s marketing channel to bring sustainability to the business. Gramshree aimed to empower artisans by ensuring them a stable income so that they can become a catalyst for sustainable economic development and social change. However, in the face of increasing competition and sales difficulties, one of the biggest challenges Gramshree faced was generating demand in the market. This case illustrates the strategies for developing and adding value to a hybrid social business model. It also describes the challenges faced by social organizations. The case offers the opportunity to assess the current situation and propose a decision for the sustainability of the organization.

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