GoCoop – Social Marketplace

Case Solution

S. Ramakrishna Velamuri, G Sabarinathan, Suhruta Kulkarni
Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore ()

GoCoop is a four-year-old startup that is creating an international market for Indian artisan products, such as handlooms, through a B2B e-commerce platform. Founded by Siva Reddy, a former technologist with leadership experience in India and abroad, the company received an angel funding round, which was recently followed by a Series A round. It has changed twice (i.e. changed its business model) and is now facing a period of rapid growth. The case traces the history of the company and examines some of the entrepreneur’s critical decisions and key learning experiences. The case is based on the next steps GoCoop must take to achieve its growth goals. It also provides an opportunity for the class to reflect and reflect on previous decisions made by the company and the entrepreneur. The case is accompanied by a background report on the marketing of Indian handwoven products from a period before the advent of electronic commerce. Company videos and Indian artisan videos are also available on YouTube.

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