Go Red For Women: Raising Heart Health Awareness

Case Solution

V. Kasturi Rangan
Harvard Business School ()

In 2003, the American Heart Association (AHA) approached Cone, Inc. (a brand and communication agency) valued at $ 654 million to develop a corporate sponsorship strategy that would cost $ 75 million over three years. Within 12 months, the AHA launched the successful “Go Red For Women” campaign to help women understand their risk for heart disease. But Go Red became more than a fundraising vehicle. It has energized the AHA and its 22 million volunteers and potentially sparked a long-term movement focused on women and their prevention of heart disease. Follow the development of the relationship between Cone and the AHA and the development of the “Go Red For Women” campaign. Ask students to rate the success of Go Red and its impact on the AHA and its goals. Finally, three of the other AHA health initiatives are summarized and the proper role of the AHA and cause marketing is questioned.

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