Go Beyond Investing

Case Solution

Lynda M. Applegate, Vincent Dessain, Emilie Billaud, Daniela Beyersdorfer
Harvard Business School ()

In 2013, Brigitte Baumann, founder of pan-European angel investment provider Go Beyond Investing, reflected on her company’s development and the way forward. Offering business flow and training to beginners and seasoned angel investors, and leading investor groups in several European countries, his company had reached critical size and Baumann had to make a strategic decision to ensure future growth in a rapidly developing competitive industry. . change. Her options required a decision on whether to keep her business independent and use a round of funding to make it a European leader in early-stage investments, or to withdraw and / or develop it faster through a partnership or sale. Possible future sales to a private bank looking for ways to expand its investment offering for wealthy individuals, or to work with one of the emerging crowdfunding networks targeting retail investors. All of these options would require adjustments to Go Beyond Investing’s strategy, capabilities, funding, and organizational structure.

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