GidaExpress: Grocery Delivery in Turkey

Case Solution

Elliott N. Weiss, Ozlem Yildiz, Rebecca Goldberg, Konstantinos Stouras
Darden School of Business ()

This fictional international case examines online delivery models based on the voices of two female protagonists: Melis Aydin, COO, who hails from Turkey; and Athena Galini, Executive Director of Greece. They recently launched an online grocery delivery (OGD) service called GidaExpress (d. Aydin and Galani are evaluating three models for hiring drivers: all full-time employees who can be trained (and potentially provide more consistent customer service and high-quality); all self-employed, receiving increasing wages to meet demand; or a combination of both. This story allows us to analyze the strategic trade-offs between investing in a full-time worker and hiring freelance labor of unknown quality using a fluctuating salary and how those decisions affect the company’s ability to deliver on the value proposition.

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