General Electric and Suez: Deal or No Deal?

Case Solution

Bertrand Guillotin
Ivey Publishing ()

On Wednesday 1 March 2017, JeanLouis Chaussade, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Suez SA (Suez), a French energy company primarily engaged in water and waste management, had to decide whether to join General Electric Water & Process Technologies. There were many drastic changes during the negotiations between Chaussade and the CEO of General Electric Company (GE), including the inauguration of a US president in January 2017 with no political experience and an agenda that did not favor international cooperation. The deal represented a significant investment of $ 2.3 billion and Suez had to rely on an outside partner for a chance to win GE’s bid just weeks early. The complex negotiations were also fraught with risks due to the growing political influence of the new US president. What should Chaussade do?

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