Gene Cattie Enterprises

Case Solution

Elliott N. Weiss
Darden School of Business ()

This case concerns Gene Cattie Enterprises (GCE), a manufacturer of a variety of fabricated metal home accessories, including mailboxes and planters. Founded in 2001 by Gene Cattie, a former human resources professional for a large diversified financial services company, GCE manufactures planters in five basic colors in a small facility in central Virginia. In the past, GCE has competed by providing a high-quality, low-cost product that is sold primarily to specialty stores and catalog distributors. Competitive pressures have made delivery times a problem lately. Cattie believes that if you can significantly reduce lead times, you can respond to market fluctuations and offer a range of custom planters. You wonder if you can improve the efficiency of your planter production. As a former human resources expert, he is unsure of his decisions. He’s not even sure what measures to use to evaluate his decisions. However, one thing he is sure of is that his goal is to make money. His instinct tells her that he doesn’t deserve as much as he could.

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