Founders Fund

Case Solution

Bethany Coates, John Glynn
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

For Sean Parker, managing partner of Founders Fund (FF), a San Francisco-based venture capital (VC) company, November 2007 was a critical time in raising the company’s second fund. As he prepared to describe FF’s non-traditional strategy to a potential limited partner (LP) in San Francisco’s financial district, he decided to focus on what made the Founders Fund stand out from the crowd of venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, what differentiates how it innovated in a mature industry and why it would be the most successful fund ever. Since its inception in 2005, the Founders Fund has received significant attention. While most were positive, Parker still wanted to address some of the criticism that had come up in the industry press. Hoping to convince, FF wanted to complete the $ 150 million round before the end of the month.

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