FOTILE: Building a Great Company Guided by Confucianism

Case Solution

Lei Li, Zhijing Zhu, Pingping Fu
Ivey Publishing ()

In early 2018, the Chairman and CEO of FOTILE, based in Ningbo, China, announced a change in the company’s mission statement from “Enabling People to Feel Better in Their Homes” to “For the Happiness of millions of families “. The previous year experienced impressive growth with sales of more than 10 billion euros. After only 22 years in operation, FOTILE had become a leading brand, comparable to such well-known names as Siemens, in the high-end kitchen appliance sector in China. More importantly, FOTILE has been hailed as an independent company driven by a great vision, a unique mission statement, and core values ​​based on Confucianism. The FOTILE Confucian Way has been warmly welcomed by its employees and close business partners and has been widely recognized by the Chinese business community and the general public. However, the president understood that FOTILE was still a long way from being a great company, not only in terms of business success, but also in terms of bringing positive energy to society and helping people to be morally admirable. Although he was deeply engrossed in FOTILE’s past accomplishments, he also thought about FOTILE’s future international expansion, especially in North America. Would FOTILE’s products be competitive in North America? Would this continent adopt the FOTILE Confucian Way?

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