Florida Power & Light’s Quality Improvement Program

Case Solution

Christopher W.L. Hart, Joan Livingston
Harvard Business School ()

It describes the enormously successful efforts of a major utility company to introduce a comprehensive quality improvement program across the company. Designed for a comparative analysis of the quality improvement efforts outlined in Paul Revere Insurance Co. (A). Students learn that there is no “right way” to incorporate the concept of error prevention into an organization (as advocated by quality experts such as Deming, Juran, and Crosby). Rather, the design and implementation of a quality improvement strategy should be based on variables such as the type of demand for an organization’s service, its service delivery process, corporate culture, organizational climate, financial performance, structure, and trends. industry, and competitive demands for organizational care. Key topics covered are program delivery, philosophical roots / problem solving methodology, rewards and recognition, measurement results, maintaining dynamics, and boundaries / problems.

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