Fitpass: Toward Democratizing Fitness

Case Solution

Anupama Prashar, Leena Ajit Kaushal
Ivey Publishing ()

It was in July 2017 that the co-founders of Fitpass Business Ventures Private Ltd. (Fitpass), an online platform offering passes for fitness facilities in the Delhi National Capital Region, reflected on the need to keep continuous innovation relevant. for its users. Founded in June 2015, the company wanted to meet the market’s unmet need for flexible training options at an affordable price for young fitness-conscious Indians. The company’s application, FITPASS, had been downloaded 100,000 times and the company had gained 60,000 registered users and established a partner network of 1,500 fitness facilities in the area. With monthly sales growth of 100 percent, the company was one of the leading platforms in this region. However, the online market was crowded with peers of the same type and the founders were faced with tough questions: How could the company maintain its position in today’s market? Was the company ready to enter other similar markets with the current business model and innovative capabilities?

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