Ferris Valley Foods Company: Corporate Social Responsibility and Reentry

Case Solution

Lisa Eshbach, Nancy M. Levenburg
North American Case Research Association (NACRA) ()

Ned Larsen, CEO of West Michigan-based Ferris Valley Foods Company (FVF), focused on hiring ex-offenders. He planned to ask his management team to research (and how) FVF information from the Michigan Department of Corrections (and the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative) and West Michigan Therapy, Inc, who recently received a Bachelor of Business Administration and is looking for a job. was. In a deeper sense, Ferris Valley Foods Company also had to consider the importance of corporate social responsibility in terms of the human, financial and time resources required to reach the perpetrators. One option might be to take a hands-off approach and do nothing or simply make a financial donation to a non-profit organization that supports ex-offenders; another could be to actively participate in partnering with the institutions mentioned. Eventually, you could start hiring criminals. Additional (ethical) complications arise because the president’s nephew is one of the criminals portrayed in the case.

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