Fairmount Minerals

Case Solution

Garima Sharma, Sayan Chatterjee
Ivey Publishing ()

Fairmount Minerals, an industrial sand manufacturer in the United States, embarked on sustainable development in 2005. The mining industry had a bad reputation that threatened the sustainability of the company. Given the strong personal values โ€‹โ€‹of responsibility towards the planet and the community that the CEO represents and the reputation of the industry, Fairmount Minerals has been led to incorporate sustainable development at every step of its value chain, from mining to shipping product to customer. Fairmount’s journey has been exciting and filled with hard work and dedication to the practice of sustainable development. The three main themes of people, planet and prosperity found resonance in all facets of the company. Starting in 2006, the organization has set a series of bold goals each year and has monitored its progress toward those goals. These goals have clearly identified the benefits for the environment and the planet. The question remained how these benefits translate into prosperity for stakeholders and the company. Under what conditions did this responsibility to the planet and people lead to further growth of the company?

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