Ensuring Your Family’s Future: The Alagil Family Office

Case Solution

Lauren H. Cohen, Esel Cekin, Fares Khrais
Harvard Business School ()

Muhammad Alagil was a second-generation leader in the well-known Alagil Family Group in Saudi Arabia and co-founder and chairman of the Jarir Company’s family office for Commercial Investments (Jarir Investments). The case begins in 2021 when Alagil ponders the possibility of allowing next-generation family members 35 and older to spin off their trusts and start their own business. That shift would be a massive departure from the mindset he and his four siblings shared over the past decades: why would anyone put down the cake and let the cake shrink? He was confident that none of the third generation (G3) would go, but he knew there were no guarantees for them either. He also knew that in his due time, some of the G4 members (the oldest of whom was 12 years old) would likely exercise this right and resign. Given the sustainability of the family office, would it be catastrophic for some members to leave? In that case, it is disputed whether it was the responsibility of the G2 members to persuade future generations to stay and, if so, how? If not, should they at least develop a mechanism to ensure that future generations survive on their own?

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