Embrace (A): Opportunity Identification

Case Solution

Mridula Anand, Anand Nandkumar, Charles Dhanaraj
Ivey Publishing ()

The Embrace case series provides an engaging context for understanding social innovation by guiding students through a variety of critical decisions, from opportunity analysis and market feasibility study to formulating a competitive strategy and development. of business models for growth. At the heart of the case is an innovative idea to solve the problem of high premature deaths in rural India and the potential for an affordable product. The case is structured as a series of four parts: Part A: Identification of opportunities. The setting is an MBA classroom where five teams receive five ideas and students are asked to assign each idea to each team. The focus is on identifying and evaluating a suitable opportunity given a unique entrepreneurial team, its composition and previous experience. Entrepreneurs often neglect the critical role that team task adjustment plays for later success. Part B: Market Feasibility Analysis (9B13M005). The social problem of newborn care in rural India is presented and the economic feasibility of adequate care for premature babies is discussed. Is it possible to find an affordable and profitable price and make the project sustainable? Part C: Competitive Strategy (9B13M006). Students are guided through an external analysis of potential competition. This requires a detailed analysis of the company’s competitive advantage and its sustainability. It forces students to consider other neonatal care options available on the market and to think about the intellectual property issues they might face. Part D: Business model structure (9B13M007). The team must decide whether to manufacture the product in-house or outsource it to suppliers. Distribution and sales issues must also be taken into account.

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