Email: From Hero to Zero – the Beginning of the End?

Case Solution

Mario Silic, Andrea Back, Dario Silic
Journal of Information Technology ()

In 2011, Atos CEO Thierry Breton announced an unprecedented move for the company. The global information services giant would become a “zero” email company with the goal of eradicating the use of internal email and replacing it with blueKiwi enterprise social networking software. This case serves to convey the challenges and key insights behind the transformation of social collaboration in a large company where 76,000 employees switched to a new way of working. The approach to becoming an email-free business is detailed and the importance of first- and second-tier change is highlighted. The case helps to understand what it takes to change the corporate culture and mindset of employees, and what challenges and obstacles must be overcome to take such an important step on a corporate scale.

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