Effective Revenue Collection in Nomburo (or Not)

Case Solution

Matthew Andrews
Harvard Kennedy School ()

John Mwa is the newly appointed director of the Nomburo Revenue Agency (NRA), tasked with improving revenue collection in the African nation of Nomburo by the new President Orelio. In this case, it will be discussed how he will meet the performance objectives set by the president, although with limitations. Unfortunately, some of the methods he uses to overcome limitations test the limits of political support and authorization. Mwa gets into trouble with members of the opposition party, procurement commissions, members of the presidential coalition, and even his own staff. It is a case that instructors can use to teach about the many dimensions of organizational effectiveness, the dangers of a strict performance orientation in organizations, and the complexities of performance in constrained environments. It is particularly useful for teachers teaching about management in the context of a developing country and about revenue collection. House number HKS 1934.0

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