EA Financial Services

Case Solution

Francis Ayensu, Nicole R.D. Haggerty, Logan Burnett, Stephanie Lachance-Coward, Taylor Klimosko
Ivey Publishing ()

EA Financial Services is a microfinance group in Koforidua, Ghana. In its seven months of operation, it has executed properly to set up a purchaser base, however it now lacks enough capital to satisfy the developing call for for brand spanking new loans. Although having a developing purchaser base is a tremendous sign, the dearth of capital is a vast burden – the corporation has needed to start turning down mortgage requests. The proprietor is aware of that capability customers will possibly address one in all his many competition if he can not offer economic offerings for them. He wonders if he ought to first discover acquiring extra operational capital or focus on enhancing present day operations. Several options to addressing those problems have supplied themselves. What is his first-class direction of action?

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