Dubai Ports World Debacle and Its Aftermath

Case Solution

Julio J. Rotemberg
Harvard Business School ()

Describes the political implications of the acquisition of the London-based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (P&O) by Dubai-based DP World in the United States. With P&O operating some port terminals in the United States, DP World obtained approval from the United States Foreign Investment Committee before P&O shareholders approved the deal in February 2006. Even so, a riot broke out in both Congress as in the press for port security, and that mutiny prompted DP World to promise to abandon P & O’s US terminals. It also includes a brief description of Dubai and its relationship with the US, a discussion of port security issues, and a brief history of US FDI security issues. It ends with a presentation of the projects of law passed unanimously by the US House and Senate to further regulate foreign investment after the DP World debacle.

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