Driving Innovation at PAR Springer-Miller (A)

Case Solution

Susan Fleming, Alyssa W. Goldman
Ivey Publishing ()

In the fall of 2009, the new president and CEO of PAR SpringerMiller Systems, based in Stowe, Vermont, will be appointed to lead the company’s most important innovation efforts since its inception in 1984. The company is a leading provider of property management systems, point of sale and spa management for high-end hotels, resorts, spas and casinos around the world, but their legacy products are based on outdated technology and are subject to increasing customer complaints . ; At the same time, the global recession has had a negative impact on the high-end market. In his first year, the new president made significant progress in restructuring the organization and changing the corporate culture to a more entrepreneurial one. He is ready to start developing a completely new product, but must decide on a strategy, specifically the best market to target the new software product, and then come up with a plan on how to carry out its development and launch. How can you get radical innovation from a management team and employees who are so culturally ingrained in your past accomplishments and legacy products? Should you find a technology partner and develop the new product elsewhere? Can the old products be kept running long enough for the new product to generate enough revenue to be retired? These are the issues that need to be addressed or the business may face a bleak future. See case B 9B14C023.

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