DHAN Foundation’s Climate Change Initiative (Part B): Creating a Resilient Food Value Chain

Case Solution

D.V.R. Seshadri, K. Sasidhar
Indian School of Business ()

DHAN is a slightly different non-governmental organization. It is not a philanthropic organization or a service organization, but a development organization that focuses on grassroots development and is supported by professional management. At the same time, its vision is to be only an enabling institution and not a steering agency. Dedicated to the mission of reducing poverty through grassroots development measures, DHAN has had a significant impact on the Indian scene in the years since its founding in 1997. By 2011, when the events of this case occurred, it had charged the life of more than 920,000 households in 12 states of India. In its mission to fight poverty, DHAN initially used two main thematic interventions, namely, community banking and water management. However, over time, in response to the dynamic demands of its beneficiary community, it has penetrated several other areas, such as health care, education, and livelihoods. Divided into two parts, the case focuses on the issue of adaptation to climate change and, in particular, on promoting a climate-resilient body (small millet) and the related challenges in production, processing, marketing and the value chain, which are important lessons for both development and development. and also in the business sector, how economically disadvantaged communities can prepare for the inevitable impacts of impending climate change on their lives.

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