DHAN Foundation: Delivering Healthcare to the Village Doorstep – An Innovative Approach (B)

Case Solution

D.V.R. Seshadri, K. Sasidhar
Indian School of Business ()

The DHAN Foundation, based in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, was a slightly different non-governmental organization. It was not a philanthropic organization or a service organization, but a development organization focused on grassroots development supported by professional management. This series of case studies focuses on DHAN’s journey in health care, tracks the emergence and evolution of its community health efforts, particularly during the first decade of its existence (1997-2007), and describes the challenges facing the Foundation on this path, and its responses to these challenges. Case B begins when Case A leaves Vasi and describes his decision to build a secondary care hospital in Theni, Tamil Nadu, after Philips and Apollo hospitals left the DISHA project. The case tracks the project management and fundraising challenges DHAN has faced along the way and shows its response to these challenges.

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