Designing a Culture of Collaboration at Lake Nona Medical City

Case Solution

Amy C. Edmondson, Sydney Ribot, Tiona Zuzul
Harvard Business School ()

Describes Lake Nona, a 7,000-acre residential and research group in central Florida, and its culture of process and innovation, and the Lake Nona Institute, the organization behind the planning and management of this new green community. The focus is on institutional collaboration and governance decisions behind Lake Nona’s “Medical City” component. Five years after its development, the site has a research group that has succeeded in attracting academic talent and residential interests, and has established a collaborative governance structure designed to promote innovation, trust building, and communication. When asked to decide who should be the next tenant in Medical City, the institute’s president reflects on what kind of process would allow them to grow better in the future. He focuses on: 1) the nature of cooperation in new business development; 2) the management challenges of mediation between hierarchical organizational processes and consensus-oriented structure; 3) the product development process of a developer in an emerging industry.

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