Delivering Doors in a Window: Supply Chain Management at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

Case Solution

Unnikrishnan Dinesh Kumar, Arun Manohar, G. N. Sripriya
Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore ()

This case presents a supply chain management challenge with which Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) is tackling one of its aircraft door export projects to a leading aircraft manufacturer based outside of India. Under the contract, HAL must deliver each aircraft door within a period specified by the aircraft manufacturer. Delivering the door outside of this window will result in a penalty. The protagonist has to make decisions about when exactly to start the main door assembly to overcome the variability in the door assembly, how much inventory is kept for the 1222 parts that are used in the door assembly, such as fluctuations in the times processing how to manage outsourcing and how to manage durable parts used in door assembly. Students must use analytical tools to make decisions about the questions above. The case also provides students with the opportunity to compare the complexities of an aerospace supply chain with other industries, such as the automotive industry. The case is suitable for the supply chain management course as well as the advanced operations management course for the MBA and for the executive program.

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