Corporate Greenhouse Gas Accounting: Carbon Footprint Analysis

Case Solution

Andrea Larson, William Teichman
Darden School of Business ()

Global stakeholder action on climate change has led companies to measure their greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their carbon footprint through lower fuel and energy consumption. By doing so, they reduce costs, reduce susceptibility to storms, reduce susceptibility in the energy sector, and open potential sources of income for the sale of emission certificates in emerging countries for emissions trading. This notice is effective in MBA, Bachelor’s and Executive Education courses on clean business innovation, carbon markets, sustainability, and environmental and regulatory issues. This tech note stands on its own and also serves as a companion note to “FritoLay North America: Making a NetZero Snack Chip” (UV2025). For instructors, a lesson is available along with a supplemental Excel table to use in calculating CO2 emissions.

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