Corporacion de Desarrollo Social del Sector Rural (Codesser)

Case Solution

Mladen Koljatic, Monica Silva
Social Enterprise Knowledge Network ()

Provides an overview of the Rural Sector Social Development Corporation (Codesser), a non-profit organization founded in the 1970s to run vocational agricultural schools in rural Chile. In the years that followed, Codesser expanded its administrative reach by forming alliances with other non-profit organizations to operate schools with other technical high school education majors, particularly industrial and culinary schools. In 2003, Codesser board members evaluated an offering that would lead to a new business niche for their organization: buying a school (rather than simply running it) and offering elementary schools and universities (rather than a technical high school). It focuses on that decision and its implications. It requires an assessment of mission coherence, organizational skills, financial sustainability, and opportunities for growth.

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