Coca-Cola India: More than Just Sugar and Fizz

Case Solution

Sandeep Puri, Archit Kacker, Shreya Gupta
Ivey Publishing ()

When the CEO of The CocaCola Company made his first visit to India in August 2017, it was clear that he wanted to achieve many ambitious goals with the company’s Indian subsidiary, CocaCola India Private Limited. These included reducing the sugar content in the company’s products, introducing more juice and water-based beverages, and making small entries into the dairy segment. For a company that had long cared about its carbonated and fruit-based beverage segments, CocaCola India Private Limited has now demonstrated its strong intention to move away from its core competition. The goal was to realign the company as a “Total Beverage Company” with potential companies in all relevant beverage categories. Should the company take a risk and move away from its core competition? Should you optimize existing products, expand your brands, or create entirely new offerings? How could CocaCola India Private Limited be successful in the transition to “Whole Beverage” solutions and what challenges should it prepare for as part of that transition?

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