Chateau Qanafar: Starting and Operating a Lebanese Vineyard

Case Solution

Bettina Bastian, Randa Salamoun
Ivey Publishing ()

Chateau Qanafar was a small Lebanese winery that has been run as a family business since its founding in 2005. By 2015, Chateau Qanafar had managed to produce one of the best Middle Eastern wines and gained international recognition. Despite this success, the founder of the company understood that the general business environment in Lebanon was marked by many uncertainties related to a weak institutional environment and high political and economic risk. Furthermore, Lebanon represented a very small domestic market for wine producers. Chateau Qanafar’s ability to produce well-processed boutique wine would not be sufficient to ensure its success in the market. The founder also wanted to hand over the management to the next generation of the family. How could the company maintain and expand its business operations in the future?

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