Cathay Pacific: Navigating Digital Disruption

Case Solution

Yulin Fang, Ning Su, Duan Yang
Ivey Publishing ()

In 2017, Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (Cathay Pacific) launched its largest transformation program in 20 years in response to business difficulties the airline had experienced since 2016. The program used digital enablement and knowledge guidance to realign focus newly defined business of the company and create pillars for further development. Information technology (IT) not only played a leading role in this business transformation, it became increasingly important to Cathay Pacific’s future growth. In 2018, that transformation appeared to be successful, but important questions remained about how Cathay Pacific’s IT strategy has evolved over the past decade, the company’s focus on its IT investments, and what factors the company has in its struggles. How far could Cathay Pacific go in digital transformation? How could IT influence the future business strategy of the company? Could you help Cathay Pacific avoid further turbulence?

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