Canibal-Play It Green!

Case Solution

Frank V. Cespedes, Joseph B. Fuller, Tonia Labruyere, Elena Corsi
Harvard Business School ()

In 2011, Canibal launched a machine that could sort and compress aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and cups. Users can play a jackpot game on the machine’s digital display while discarding their beverage containers and earning coupons or other rewards. The machine could also display advertisements or serve as a means of communication. In 2016, the company’s new machine, the i3, had more potential than previous models due to improved reliability and displays that could allow Canibal to enter new markets. Benoit Paget, Canibal’s CEO and Founder, has to embark on a path of growth: which customer segment should he focus on? How should you position your product? What impact would these decisions have on sales and marketing requirements, pricing, and financing?

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