Canara Bank Turnaround

Case Solution

R.R. Sharma, Deepak Tandon
Ivey Publishing ()

Canara Bank has been one of the top five public banks in India since its founding in 1906. After lagging behind its peers for a few years, it finally recovered from distressed assets and low profitability. Your new CEO provided the vision, strategic direction and motivation to create remarkable change in 2013-14, but now you are faced with several key questions. Based on recent encouraging results alone, should the bank begin an ambitious expansion of its branches, online services, information technology, and human resources? Is the Steering Committee’s optimism justified given that several new initiatives are still in different stages of implementation? Will this growth overwhelm Canara Bank’s already scarce resources? To reposition yourself in a highly competitive market and improve reach and profitability, an expansion program must be initiated, otherwise an opportunity will be lost.

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