Canadian Blood Services

Case Solution

Ron Mulholland
Ivey Publishing ()

The marketing director for Canadian Blood Services (CBS) is concerned about a 2 percent annual increase in demand for blood driven by a number of factors, including shorter wait times at local hospitals, new operations, and a usage growing and aging population. The seasons with maximum demand coincide with seasons with low supply, such as B. Summer and winter holidays. Two aspects must be taken into account: the first refers to the increase in the absolute number of donors, which is currently in the order of 400,000. There is evidence that the proportion of Canadians (four percent) who donate blood is lower than in other countries such as Sweden (five percent). The second need is to keep more donors and increase the number of donations per donor per year. CBS still faces problems stemming from the 1980s blood scandal and the subsequent Krever investigation. They are working to restore public trust. The heart of the problem is understanding consumer behavior towards donating blood. The manager must understand the consumer decision-making process, examine segments, determine a target segment, and develop communications to increase both outright donors and repeat donations from identified donors.

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