Call Center Design for Lion Financial Services

Case Solution

J. Michael Harrison, Yuval Nov
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

Andy Carr, founder of a small consulting firm specializing in call centers, conducts an analysis of call center operations for Lion Financial Services (LFS). LFS operates three call centers that together employ 170 agents and handle 30,000 calls per week. Agents are divided into different “groups” according to their training and experience; Complicated rules are used to route calls between the three centers and their subgroups. Carr’s analysis and recommendations cover a wide range of topics: skill requirements, including agent composition by skill category; Training programs, promotion scales and definition of groups of agents; Call forwarding records; potential benefits of physical consolidation; and most importantly, the level of call scripting that is appropriate in the LFS workstation design. Carr believes that by developing a small number of “calling plans”, training agents to use them, and measuring compliance with the blueprints in call surveillance programs, LFS will improve the quality of services it provides and the level of of experience and training in your call center. can reduce agents. Concerns have been expressed about creating a factory-like atmosphere.

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