BulkWhiz: Negotiating as a Startup Founder in the UAE

Case Solution

Katherine Coffman, Christine L. Exley, Alpana Thapar
Harvard Business School ()

This case follows Amira Rashad in founding BulkWhiz, a Dubai-based bulk food delivery platform. After its launch in September 2017, BulkWhiz has seen rapid growth of 30 percent per month in the United Arab Emirates. Despite this initial success, just nine months later, Rashad is in a critical phase with a series of internal and external negotiations awaiting her. First, she wants to convince her CTO to join him full time and needs to finalize the details about her transition and compensation. Second, she is struggling to expand her business beyond the UAE market. Eventually, she is looking for a Series A fundraiser to help grow the company. How should she approach and develop these negotiations and what obstacles may arise?

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