Britannia Industries: Maintaining a Market Lead

Case Solution

Sandeep Puri, Siddhant Chhabra, Kunal Peshin
Ivey Publishing ()

By 2015, Britannia Industries had overtaken India’s best-known biscuit brand, Parle, as the market leader in the biscuit category and faced stiff competition from Parle, ITC’s Sunfeast, and many regional competitors. Britannia needed to develop a strategy that would allow it to consolidate its leadership position without losing market share; Increasing prices alone was not an option in this highly competitive market. What could Britannia do to remain the number one cookie maker in India? How could you stay ahead of your competitors in product innovation? In a market flooded with nearly identical product packaging, a strategy had to be developed to avoid an identity crisis and make it the consumer’s first choice. The company management had to draw up a clear roadmap for the future.

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