Bringing God into the Business: The Impact on Human Resource Management Practices and Employee Turnover at L&R Pallet

Case Solution

Abigail B. Schneider, Cheri A. Young
North American Case Research Association (NACRA) ()

Although L&R Pallet had become the largest pallet manufacturer in the Rocky Mountain region, the company faced significant financial and staffing difficulties in 2013. James Ruder, 44-year-old president of L&R Pallet, believed it was just a matter of time before the company opened its doors. However, after going on a mission trip to Peru and hearing God’s message to “love” his coworkers, Ruder decided to hire seven refugees from Burma to desperately search for an alternative source of work. In one week, Burmese employees outperformed other workers. Ruder believed that he had found the solution to his employees’ problems and hired 18 other refugees. However, within a few weeks he realized that he was in real trouble as the refugees were injured, some of his Mexican workers called him a “Mexican hater” and the rest of his staff annoyed the attention they paid to the refugees. . Ruder had to figure out how to deal with the growing tensions in corporate culture and find the human capital necessary to run his business.

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