Brady Training Program

Case Solution

Allan Cohen, William Duckett
Babson College ()

This case documents the events that lead recruits to the training program of a computer company to help each other with tasks and projects, although it is expressly prohibited. Emphasize personal values ​​and decisions made in different circumstances. It also raises questions about the responsibility of companies to shape organizations that promote ethical behavior. Bill Flynn is a 23-year-old freshman in the information systems division of Brady Co. After spending a year in sales at another computer manufacturer, Flynn joined Brady Co. to deepen his knowledge of hardware and programming. . When they learn that Brady’s training program is extremely rigorous and competitive – less than a third of the recruits typically complete it – Flynn and other recruits begin helping each other, even though they are prohibited from doing so from the start. Flynn forms a study group with two classmates; he catches two recruits photocopying the completed assignments of former students and takes a copy to share with his own group; and reads the secret files of the superiors, in which the progress of the recruits is evaluated. After Flynn saw comments in his own file that questioned his commitment to being a part of the information systems department, Flynn became insincere friends with his superiors. If he survives the 12-month apprenticeship program, Flynn will be offered a formal position with the company; however, he has already secured two more vacancies from competing companies. Upon this news, Brady’s management immediately makes a better offer and encourages him to join the company.

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