BotGo: Growing Pains

Case Solution

Valerie Mendonca, Supriya Sharma, Mukesh Sud
Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad ()

BotGo was founded in 2007 by Ravi Panchal, an engineer after losing motivation to continue a leadership role in his work. Panchal, a skilled technician, was inspired to create an underwater tank cleaning robot. He started BotGo with his savings and recruiting his friends for key positions in the company. He also started university robotics education workshops to keep the company going; he called this initiative BotLearn. In 2009, BotGo was incubated and Panchal began franchising BotLearn as part of its growth plans. This created a crisis in the company that escalated to the point where Panchal was forced to consider options. This case underscores the importance of a product-to-market fit and examines the franchise decision with respect to the facts of the case. The case also points to errors in crisis management, with special emphasis on channel management. Towards the end of the process, Panchal faces a dilemma over whether to continue with the franchise or to close it. The dilemma is compounded as Panchal’s decision would ultimately affect BotGo’s growth and directly challenge his franchise intent.

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