Blurred Lines: Happy or Harassed?

Case Solution

Monika L. Hudson, Keith O. Hunter
North American Case Research Association (NACRA) ()

This compact case describes a scenario in which a new hiring manager hears an exchange between an employee and an employee on an outside party that he believes might be a nuisance. Students are asked to put themselves in that person’s shoes as they review their course of action. When it comes to analyzing interpersonal interactions, intentions and actual behavior cannot match. This is especially true when culture, perception, and interpretation overlap in diverse and multicultural settings; Here, the nuances associated with interpreting ambiguous activities have been further complicated by the diverse cultural perspectives that participants can bring to identify and eliminate harassment and abuse. This compact case describes such a โ€œgrayโ€ situation that it is further complicated by the fact that the incident described occurred at an off-site social event.

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