Blueprint for Ford’s Future: From Personal Automobiles to Mobility

Case Solution

Andrew Hoffman
WDI Publishing at the University of Michigan ()

Ford Motor Company Social Sustainability Manager David Berdish is challenged to sustainably position Ford at the forefront of the new global transportation industry while leveraging Ford’s leadership role in the automotive industry. This case takes a holistic look at the global transportation industry, but focuses on megacities in busy emerging economies and their increasingly congested transportation systems. With the company’s strategic mobility initiative and the Blueprint for Mobility presented by Ford in February 2012, the issue of resource and technology allocation and strategic positioning between traditional and new competitors (car sharing, traffic data management) they are becoming critical to success. Students must decide how to balance innovation, market positioning, and long-term vision with a short-term strategy to better serve the next generation of customers at multiple levels, access, community, and the environment.

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