Blue Ocean Hackathon: Market Creation in a Highly Competitive Industry

Case Solution

W. Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgne, Oh Young Koo

This highly interesting strategy-making exercise allows participants to develop their creativity through the systematic five-step process of the Blue Ocean Shift. We reverse the learning process of the case method by combining it with a group exercise. Participants will first formulate their own go-to-market strategy by actively applying the Blue Ocean Shift concept, framework and process to one of the most competitive industries in the travel industry. They are then presented in a real-life case that questions long-standing assumptions of the travel industry and successfully opens up new market areas. In analyzing the case, a three-part video series guides participants through the same blue ocean shift process used in their group exercise, reinforcing the lessons learned from the exercise and improving understanding of the case. Ideal for a half-day or day workshop on Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, this case includes a class note, lecture slides, worksheets, a one-page summary, and a three-part movie based on first-hand research and a face-to-face session. interview with the CEO of a Korean company that has a blue ocean in the travel industry. The teaching material can be downloaded from The case is also available in Chinese and Korean.

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