Beam Suntory: Striving for Optimal Post-Acquisition Integration

Case Solution

Wiboon Kittilaksanawong, Kendall Marin Wyckoff
Ivey Publishing ()

In response to the contraction of its domestic market, Japanese spirits company Suntory Holdings Limited acquired US spirits company Beam Inc. in 2014 to expand into the promising US market. Although the purchase price was high, executives at both companies were confident in the deal. However, when the newly merged company, Beam Suntory Inc., began the integration process, it encountered significant tensions, particularly due to its segregated corporate cultures. The new unit had not been successfully integrated in 2016. The high purchase price had left the parent company with enormous debt, while the consolidated operations struggled to build trust and efficiency. Had Suntory Holdings Limited made the right decision when acquiring Beam Inc.? How should you deal with the monumental debt? How should the merged company resolve and integrate conflicts to realize possible synergies?

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