Be Well Hospitals – Branding a Mid-Tier Service in a Two-Tier Market

Case Solution

Piyush Kumar, Sonia Mehrotra, Geetika Shah
Indian School of Business ()

Be Well Hospitals is a multi-specialist secondary healthcare chain in the suburbs, industrial cities and the central district offices of the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. The 2011 of Dr. C.J. The hospital chain co-founded by Vetrievel meets the need for high-quality healthcare services in the secondary healthcare market segment. They provide semi-urban and rural populations access to high-quality primary and secondary health services at affordable prices through their chain of multiple hospitals. In the four and a half years since its inception, Be Well has built eight hospitals with a total capacity of more than 280 beds and has treated nearly 500,000 patients. The case describes Be Well’s business and the marketing initiatives it has taken to increase adoption of its service concept in a two-tier market. It provides information on the content of previous Be Well advertising communications and the media choices it has made to build its brand. Management is tackling the branding dilemma and educating potential customers on Be Well’s high-quality treatment in a format that has less space than its big-city rivals. A complicating factor is the creation of a three-tier market with limited resources in an environment where customers are used to a two-tier service structure. You are facing a challenge in resource allocation regarding the mix of media-based and non-media-based communication platforms. Management must decide the choice of service attributes or dimensions around which to build the Be Well brand and whether to focus on the local brand for each hospital or to develop a unified and common brand for all facilities in the state.

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