Bamboos Health Care Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd.: Business Model and Expansion

Case Solution

Kevin Yuk Fai Au, Howard Pong Yuen Lam, Shi Yu Lu, Icy Fong Lai Ngai
Ivey Publishing ()

The managing director of Bamboos Health Care Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd. (Bamboos) began his business journey in 2005 with a telephone and fax machine. He created a platform to connect the demand of patients or their families with the service offer of health professionals. After 12 years of operation, Bamboos was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under a uniform business model. Despite some challenges in the early years, Bamboos’ business model in Hong Kong proved sustainable and resistant to change. In early 2018, the founder considered entering the healthcare market in mainland China and changing the company’s business model for the first time. Could the current business model in Hong Kong be changed to invade mainland China and other countries? What changes would be necessary in terms of strategy and management?

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