Bali Hai Cruises: Creating Business Success in Indonesia

Case Solution

Stephen Grainger
Ivey Publishing ()

Bali Hai Cruises had grown from a startup in 1990 to a thriving multi-million dollar company in 2017, employing 460 people on the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lembongan. This strong and consistent business development occurred despite a business environment and government that was not always friendly and positive towards foreign investors. What critical factors made the tourism business successful in such a challenging market? What behaviors and strategies did Bali Hai Cruises follow to build trust, perform and solve challenges in the development of this vertically integrated company? The company now faces new challenges related to an aging leadership and workforce, the constant need to nurture and maintain its working relationships with the Indonesian government and port authorities, the rapidly evolving IT capabilities of the tourism industry. marine and the potential for increasing competition. What strategies could Bali Hai Cruises implement to continue its success and growth in 2018 and beyond?

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