Asia Genomics: Making Genetic Testing a Way Of Life (B)

Case Solution

Millie Su, Adina Wong
Singapore Management University ()

The first part (A) of the case study relates to Asia Genomics Holdings, which was founded in 2014 by Dr. Wong Mun Yew was founded. Asia Genomics pioneered genetic testing in Asia with the goal of providing safe, accurate and timely genetic testing for people to detect common cancers and diseases of the fetus. The technology used was brought in from the US Testing was easy to perform, customer samples were safely handled, and reports were generated informing customers and their doctors on what to do after diagnosis. Part B of the case is about Imagene Labs, which was founded in 2016 as a new sister company to Asia Genomics Holdings to offer genetic testing for fitness, nutrition and skin wellness. It operated independently of the Asia Genomics business, which performed genetic testing for cancer. Recommendations for clients would include personalized dietary supplements or facial serums targeting their specific genetic conditions. Customers who tried the product were generally satisfied with the depth of the report results and the results of the custom products. Imagene Labs saw relatively rapid adoption of its products and interest in the consumer market. While Asia Genomics and Imagene Labs had clear value propositions for their target markets, marketing remained the biggest challenge. In addition, both companies had to plan a strategy to develop their respective future business models. This case is for participants interested in understanding the organizational skills necessary to implement a business model in the healthcare industry. Participants can use the Business Model Canvas to understand the integral components of a business model and innovate an existing business model.

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