Arcenciel: Bottle Caps for Wheelchairs

Case Solution

Bettina Bastian, Kim Issa, Sasha Larnaud Mourgues
Ivey Publishing ()

In 2015, the director of the Lebanese NGO Arcenciel was proud to learn that his organization’s bottle cap project had raised grassroots awareness of the importance of recycling. In recent years, Arcenciel had grown from an organization helping disabled and marginalized people to become the largest recycling company in the region. The organization managed to create a synergy between its commitment to marginalized people and its activities for sustainable and environmentally friendly waste disposal. The Lebanese public was encouraged to collect plastic waste; and in exchange for every ton of bottle caps collected, Arcenciel would donate a wheelchair to a person in need with a disability. This initiative involved thousands of people in a collective collection effort. The director wondered how the trust that Arcenciel had gained through the bottle cap project could be used to bring about political change and put environmental and social issues on the national agenda in Lebanon.

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