Antitrust Regulations in a Global Setting: The EU Investigation of the GE/Honeywell Merger

Case Solution

Mihir A. Desai, Mark F. Veblen, Belen Villalonga
Harvard Business School ()

Helps students understand antitrust and competition policy principles related to the proposed GEHoneywell merger. The US Department of Justice has already approved the transaction and the European Commission is reviewing it. The Competition Commissioner, Mario Monti, must analyze the economic consequences of the planned merger and assess the effects on competitors, customers and product markets. He must also address important policy decisions. To understand the nuances of the transaction, students identify several sources of value and must ask themselves whether the efficiencies achieved will increase social well-being in the long term. The decision on whether and under what conditions the merger will be approved provides students with an idea of ​​the complexity of the work under various regulatory regimes.

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