Andrew Thornton

Case Solution

Randall S. Peterson
London Business School ()

At the age of 42, in the midst of a successful and lucrative career as the owner of an international trade consultancy, Andrew Thornton realized that he had nothing else to offer his business. He left the agency in 2006 and used the money from his purchase as a down payment for two Budgens supermarkets in North London. When profits fell at a store in 2010, he hit a tipping point. With a deep belief that companies should have a broader focus than profits, he founded Heart in Business, a consulting firm focused on unlocking the potential of employees, and used his Belsize Park store as a testing ground. Throughout 2016, comparable sales increased 5%, while the number of neighboring stores decreased and Thornton’s Budgens’ average operating time was 54% longer than that of the control store. Andrew’s belief that unlocking people’s potential and creativity leads to tangible business results has now been clearly confirmed – his sales figures provided it. But even better evidence was on the way from the global assessment and training organization BEING at Full Potential, whose Human Potential Assessment Tool measured the human potential the company was using and compared it to a “control company” in a zip code. neighbour. Thorntons Budgens scored higher on each measure. By investing in his people with specialized coaching, Andrew had gained not just his dedication, commitment, and dedication, but his whole heart and mind. By deliberately attempting to weave authenticity, togetherness, empathy, self-direction, inquiry and creativity into every fiber of the company, Andrew not only increased engagement and profits, but also set the mood of everyone who worked for him. In fact, it was precisely the exploitation and exploitation of the passions of his people that led to his greater productivity.

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