Analytics for the Sustainability of Unique Products: The Case of Hemp

Case Solution

Dennis F. X. Mathaisal
Babson College ()

How can business analytics be used to assess the potential risks of developing and commercializing a “unique” product that has been shown to be sustainable, but public opinion about the product is hampering its acceptance? The unique product is a clothing line made from industrial hemp. Hemp lacks the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (cannabis), but it is an extremely versatile, natural and sustainable product. In the case of a company that consistently and successfully advertises unique products like clothing made from hemp. It is also about the use of analytical techniques for financial risk assessment. If you are an entrepreneur with an idea to develop a unique product, this case informs you about corporate sustainability, informs you about hemp products, and provides you with an analytical tool to assess the financial risks associated with such a company.

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